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Polaroid was an American company best known for its instant film and cameras. The company was founded in 1937 by Edwin H. Land, to exploit the use of its Polaroid polarizing polymer.[1]:3 Land ran the company until 1981. Its peak employment was 21,000 in 1978, and its peak revenue was $3 billion in 1991.

When the original Polaroid Corporation was declared bankrupt in 2001, its brand and assets were sold off. The "new" Polaroid formed as a result, itself declaring bankruptcy in 2008, resulting in a further sale. In May 2017, the brand and intellectual property of Polaroid Corporation was acquired by the largest shareholder of the Impossible Project, which had originally started out in 2008 by producing new instant films for Polaroid cameras. The Impossible Project was renamed Polaroid Originals in September 2017, and in March 2020 was renamed to simply Polaroid.

Adam Clark, a professional photographer shared some thoughts in a review he wrote for GIZMODO arguing that Polaroid's New Instant Camera Takes Terrible Retro Photos, here is a part of his piece published in March 2017:

The night that Polaroid announced its first all-new instant camera since the mid-aughts, there was a party in the Bowery. Small gallery space was filled with sweaty art-school types, and a row Polaroid cameras lined one wall showcasing a timeline of the company’s design. The famous Polaroid photographer Ryan McGinley announced the new camera: the OneStep 2, the heir apparent to the original OneStep camera that inspired the Instagram logo.

"The problem is that the photos look like garbage. I went through three cartridges of the film (one color, two black-and-white) and honestly swear I walked away with two decent photos, one of which I didn’t take. This is me admitting that I might be a major part of the problem, but the performance of the OneStep 2 as well as the film stands alone in certain regards. The color photos, for instance, are washed out, like they’ve been sitting in a drawer since the Carter administration. Some of the black-and-white photos look like a failed chemistry experiment after the development process left parts of the image under or overexposed creating an almost smoky effect."

Some people love this. The unpredictable and basically shitty quality of Polaroid photos is a big part of why Instagram filters exist today. Thanks to people like Ryan McGinley, even the most accidental-seeming images look arty thanks to that Polaroid effect. Now that our world is dominated by too-good digital photography, that effect is both nostalgic and somehow new to an entire generation that probably remembers seeing these crappy kinds of photos in old family albums. I’m a part of that generation, though I do actually remember life before digital cameras.


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Operation Manager (Former Employee) says

"took advantage of workers; pay not inline with work required--management was overbearing; no autonomy; I wouldn't work there again"

Assistant Director of Global Telecommunications (Former Employee) says

"Polaroid Corporation was the one time the leader in instant photography.For many years it was a significant employer in Massachusetts. During the latter part of the 1990's their products were not innovative and were being outpaced by newer technology. When I joined it was near the end for the employees and the company. The company went bankrupt around 2001. Cons: going towards bankruptcy led to tight budgets and lay offs."

Purchasing Clerk (Former Employee) says

"The purchasing agent at this Temp position was great, but my lack of knowledge strained our relationship. This job required more than a clerk typist, as I became more of an assistant who was unable to provide accurate and timely information. Cons: Short-term; no room for growth"

Floor Manager (Former Employee) says

"Machine operator Cons: no help from over time workers"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"was a production manager and got some supivisor experience. was very busy position and I enjoyed it."

Senior QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"It was a part time contract job so there is not much to write regarding this company. It was a fairly relaxed place to work. I learned a lot regarding digital photography."

Shift Supervisor says

"I worked at Polaroid Cons: Senior management is clueless about how to run a business let alone a technology business in an extremely fast paced environment."

customer says

"Well what can I say !!! The service is appalling. I was never told about duties and
This was coming from Netherlands. Polaroid UK means UK right ?? After emailing them god knows how many times, just an email back saying nothing we can do !!!. This was ordered on 6th January and still no sign of delivery even though courier emails every day to say out for delivery but nothing. Polaroid needs to up their game and be more clear on their website re duties. Really bad service and would never order from them again"

James Hodge says


I am very annoyed because this website is specifically titled Polaroid UK and they do not make it clear at all that the items are coming from the Netherlands. This could be seen as intentionally misleading, they only mention this in one of the help pages - not on the product pages or at checkout at any stage. I received a very heavy (31.5%) import fee invoice which I was not expecting. I would never have ordered from them had they made it clear it was from outside of the UK.

I received an email stating there is a problem with my delivery (was due today) with no actual information, just passing the responsibility to me, telling me to contact the courier and sort it out.

I am extremely disappointed with the entire experience so far and have not even received the item yet. At every stage they have let me down.

I do not like leaving negative reviews but felt I had to warn people about this company - from my experience I would advise never ordering from them.

I have contacted them to give them the chance to explain and resolve the issues but I do not have high hopes. I will change my review if and when actions are taken.

The reply below is a good example of how poor their service is - they haven't actually acknowledged anything I wrote. Avoid, avoid, avoid!"

Joanne Gill says

"After buying appliance, found assembly difficult. Screws ill fitting in the base of stand. Forced it together anyway. Now two days later. TV constantly searching for an internet connection to view Freeview TV. Not got the internet. Worst appliance ever purchased in over 50 years!"

Vic. W says

"On the evening of the 15th, I ordered a full bundle - camera and film - spent £180. Opted for "DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE" for a shipping time of 1-3 days as promised on your site. Latest it would have been due was the 19th.

On the evening of the 20th, I wrote to Polaroid asking where it was. I had till then received zero communication, no explanation, nothing. I then immediately asked for an explanation and cancellation/refund. I have yet to receive the explanation - not even a grovelling automated email.

Make no mistake that the utter failure of this company to provide basic retail service is a negative mark. Never rely on them if you need anything within two weeks would be my advice. Polaroid didn't even apologise for it's failures, didn't take responsibility for them and didn't resolve to improve - to which I would assume they have no desire to.

I purchased a Lomo Camera on the 21st - it was shipped from Vienna and arrived on the 23rd in the UK on my doorstep for no extra charge.

Coming here to leave a review, it seems I'm not the only one who almost had Christmas ruined and my only saving grace was seeing the signs to never trust Polaroid."

Matthew says

"Ordered my Polaroid over a week ago. Still not sign of shipment despite the website stating it would be delivered within 2-days. Support impossible to contact. You only have the option to email and no one responds.

Really poor customer service."

Sean Murray says

"Would definitely not recommend buying from Polaroid. I bought a camera last week and paid an extra €17 for next day shipping. They said I would receive an email with a tracking number. 4 days later no sign of the product or tracker email after paying for next day shipping. I then cancelled my order and they told me it would take another 5 working days to process the refund. Shocking service."

Gerry Raffer Tee says

"Would not give 1 star. Poor customer service and no resolution given to faulty product experience."

Karen Carson says

"I made the mistake of buying a large multipack of Polaroid batteries as they were a very reasonable price. What could go wrong a battery is a battery right? Wrong. These have so little power in them I am using about 10 to 1 by comparison to other makes. I have actually spent more than if I had bought the most expensive brand as I have to change them constantly. I thought by selecting a "household" name like Polaroid I would get something decent. More fool me. Never again,"

A Beatrice says

"i ordered a polaroid camera over the weekend. 10 min after placing the order i had canceled and requested a refund, i did not realise that the film was very expensive and wanted to give myself a bit of time to rethink the situation.
However on Monday i have been told that they dispached the items and there is no way in a getting a refund back altough on the website it states clearly
that if you cancel the order shorthly using the form they have online they will take the cancelation into consideration. before ordering anything from them make sure you take your time before purchasing.
if the customer service was good and relevant they would have canceled and refund the amount - which is not the case. first you read the email from Saturday from the customer before posting the goods on Monday. there was plenty of time i believe to cancel the order."

Tiffany Lipetzky says

"Honestly I would give it zero stars if I could. I've used Polaroid film for over 20 years. I ordered two albums and three film packs although I haven't used the third pack on two of the film packs I received six out of the eight were all black. Whether it was left out in the sun during shipping or exposed to intense heat while shipping or in a warehouse. They were bad batches of film packs. I've taken hundreds and hundreds of Polaroids. Customer service blamed it on my camera and not the film. I missed out on amazing memories thinking that these pictures were going to turn out. What a disappointment and huge cost. and truly actually an embarrassment if you think about it because people think how cool it is to have one of these cameras still however when none of the photos turn out it's really a moot point. one of the photo albums that I received was completely broken as well. And was supposed to be a gift so wasn't able to do that. Started my return and then got ghosted by the return team. Again terrible terrible customer service. I will never if I can order from polaroid.com."

Natalie Van Winkle says

"The worst return experience in a decade! It has taken almost a month to complete the refund process. I have been told twice the refund is on its way. I will not make another purchase from Polaroid."

Jamie Wright says

"Had a smart TV form these had to return it remote stopped working after 1 week poor build quality company gone the pot hole they used to okay years ago"

Graham says

"I have only given them one star because I cannot give zero. The service of this company is appalling. We bought a poloroid camera which simply doesn't work - irrespective of the setting the film is always dark with little colour or definition. The camera was bought as a christmas present and as such is only a month old and yet they simply are not interested. The worst service ever experienced. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY - LET THEM GO BUST AS THEY DESERVE IT - TRULY SHOCKING AND RUDE PEOPLE WHO BREAK PROMISES."

Lynne says

"Have a large Polaroid tv which is Sold in Asda however when These tv break down if you go online for Polaroid Dealers you are given options all leading to customer support Asda who will tell you sorry we can’t help you nor put you on to anyone even if you have receipt or not
I’ve also been online and looked in MK Citizens local Milton Keynes weekly paper there are 3 companies saying they repair TV s but all of them not got good reviews so I’m stuck with TV without sound everything else works and has done for 18 months now I’m stuck"

D-Paul says

"I bought a Polaroid TV from ASDA (Walmart). As we've discovered polaroid seem to be partnered with Asda. Conveniently about a year and half after buying it the tv switches on with no sound or picture just a flashing light. This seems to be a regular problem with this tv and after the same amount of time. However I have tried to contact Polaroid however they have no contact, no technical contact or anything. The only contact they have is George Asda. You contact them and they offer no help or advice, all they do is ask for a receipt. Many of us who go to Asda do our shopping there, spend more than a tv. In that time frame I dont have the receipt, and from the bank it shows more than the tv and all they care about is the damn receipt. You can only get they tvs from Asda...so useless. I am not impressed at all, terrible service"

pierre mercier says

"Do not buy anything from them it is not the old polaroid company they just bought the name to stuff customer with poor quality product ..."

Lydia says

"Do not buy Polaroid products. They are of a poor standard and the customer service is appalling. I bought a camera just over a year ago (1yr 1mth) and despite not using it very much is has now stopped working completely. Being only weeks out of warranty I contacted Polaroid (aka Sakar International Ltd). This was not a cheap camera and I expected it to last longer than 1 year. The reply is utterly patronising. Asking me to check the batteries, make sure I've inserted them correctly, have I secured the door to the battery case correctly!!!! Seriously, would I not have checked this??? The camera was working for a time therefore I clearly know to check this?! Then they said out of warranty go away. Unless you like purchasing a new camera annually I would strongly recommend you steer clear of Polaroid and anything from Sakar. Equally, don't bother contacting them unless you enjoy being spoken to in an arrogant and patronising manner."

MichaelSimons says

"Not very pleasant with this brand"

Stella says

"bought a zink polaroid printer. zink paper is relatively pricey for its quality. the printer is harder to nagivate compare to the fujifilm one. it takes lots of time before you can print a picture. quality of photo is MEH. as well"

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